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What a dentist do at a routine checkup

White teeth enhance our beauty. People take care of their teeth along with other body parts. Teeth play an important role in our life’s because you smile with your teeth and smile is the biggest gift of God.

People take care of their teeth by visiting their dentists twice or thrice a week for a proper checkup. evansville dentist is too good in this field. Dr. Max Lingo is the most famous dentist in his area and he is known for his fine work. Dentists check your teeth from all sides and they examine and treat if there is any decay or germ in your teeth, they also take x rays of your teeth to examine cavity.

When you visit your dentist he or she guides you how to take care of your teeth. Dr. Max Lingo gives a proper plan for taking care of teeth and gums to his patients.

Whenever you visit your dentist for a routine checkup he checks you properly by taking x rays and recommends you preventions.

The following are the measures taken by your evansville Dentist when you visit them twice or thrice a year:

  • Cleanization: first of all, your dentist will clean up your teeth properly by removing all germs and decay from your teeth with a small steel tool. He will then polish your teeth using fluoride liquid. Cleaning all teeth is not a painful method even your teeth gets polish and shine.
  • X-rays: your dentists will then take x-rays of your teeth by covering your whole body with heavy apron which helps to protect your body from rays coming from the x-ray machine, other people present in the room where dentist is going to get x-ray of your teeth stay away from the lights of x-rays or cover themselves with shields. The dentist will make you bite a small material of plastic to take an exact picture of your teeth for an x-ray.
  • Dentist places a sealant on the surfaces or your back teeth to prevent teeth from cavities. Sealant helps your teeth to through away the eating material which gets stuck in your back teeth.
  • He applies directly fluoride to your teeth to protect teeth from decay and Pain. Fluoride is so essential for teeth.
  • If there is an infection in your teeth your dentist will recommend you antibiotics if you:
  • Have heart problems
  • Improper immune system
  • Have surgery of any part of your body like heart or arms or legs.
  • Your dentist will ask you questions about your daily diet that how much you take in minerals and proteins which are helpful for your dental health.
  • If you are suffering from major gum disease, your doctor will recommend you proper brushing. He may recommend you antibiotics and several mouths wash for your better dental health and to protect your gums from decaying.

These are some of the measures which your dentist takes when you visit him or her.