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Ride Along Full Movie

Ride along is basically an action comedy film in which a high-level security officer had to prove love for his girlfriend and to her brother and for that he struggles with the throttle to prove himself worthy of marrying her and in doing so he goes through different hardships and thus he founds a cop looking for smugglers to ride along with.

It is indeed a good funny movie that has the sense of love and its struggle to prove your love for a person you want to spend life with and for that you might go through hard times but as we know all is well if the end is well So, it was a good direction with a better cinematic view and action movie like scenes which managed to gain public’s interest pretty well. The sense of humor and picking lines used in the movie along with dialogue delivery by the cast is worth appreciation.

In the beginning, it is all about the love and relationship the both lovers go through but then the fear of getting caught in love or what if the girl’s brother finds out. They both decided to make it official and the boy decided to prove himself to the girl’s brother through doing something different and crazy.

The climax of the film makes it more interesting and fascinating as the real action begins and then the main role along with the help of cop go through such challenges that he never thought of about in his life and the way he got himself out of all the dangers and hurdles came in way is a treat to watch. The techniques and cinematography used are not less than a good purely action movie and the way they portrayed it also deserves hats off.

In the end, the guy manages to prove himself better and perfect for the girl as that was the only condition imposed by her brother upon them to live together so they managed to get through it somehow and went through all the hardships and obstacles came through their way. More were for the guy as always.

The movie cast managed to play their vital role by the perfect timing and expressions put all together to give it a good impact overall on  the screening of the film which has resulted in a good box office collection and a tremendous public response and therefore the film managed to put into a masterpiece worth watching with a serene effect of love on the minds of spectators as well as entertaining them with some good action scenes that has put more interest in people to watch it as it is a complete package of romance and action brought together to facilitate its viewers in every aspect.

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